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Oh, these Swanky Bougie Cabanas 😍

Are you ready for a day to remeber?

Let Goin' Coastal Beach Service help you setup a swanky bougie cabana for that special day!

Picnic? Proposal? Day Date? Instagram worthy and photographers love these!!

Call us for that setup NOW BOOKING for 2024 Spring and Summer!

Cabanas are booked with 2 Vintage Chairs, 1 Cabana,1 Beach Blanket, and we setup by 7am and remove that evening by 7pm.

We have add ons to make this an even more easy day date... Charcuterie board, Juice/Wine, Ice, Disposable glasses, Bluetooth speakers, beach towels... you name it - let us know what the specific need is for the day and let's get it planned!

Now Booking on our website or just give us a call or text!

251.213.3756 Alex

251.223.2111 office (for more details)

Goin' Coastal Beach Service

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